Growth Hacks For The GravityZ


February. 01, 18


The GravityZ


The GravityZ wants to viral its Highest Rope Course Challenge in Penang.

The Gravityz offers an experience that is out of this world as it features activities involving one of the best high-altitude sports platform in ASEAN; you will enjoy a breathtaking view comparable to an eagle eye’s view.

ROI Proven

With the success of the campaign, The GravityZ’s ROI is more than thousand percent.

4.5 Million Reach

The campaign reached 4.5 million people on Facebook. With a total of 17k likes, 34k comments and 29k shares.

Great Prospects

The number of audiences who used our special Promo Code is way more than other advertisers.

When The GravityZ approached us for the campaign, we schedule a meeting 2 days later. We came out a proposal for The GravityZ with the target to reach 3 million potential customers on Facebook. End up, we reached more than what we predicted. The campaign is successful and they are very satisfied with the result.

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