SEO Hacks for Penang Foodie


October. 23, 16


Penang Foodie


Penang Foodie is the number one digital publication that writes about food and travel in Penang.

Penang Foodie is a digital publication that writes about food and travel, founded in 2016. It was only 10k visitors per month, but today, the site has grown to 150k visitors per month, and 50k is from organic search traffic.

33% Organic Traffic

Every month, the organic traffic of Penang Foodie is about 50,000, which is equivalent to 33% of the overall traffic.

Global Audience

The traffic comes from searches from all the around the world. For instances, visitors, tourists when doing research travelling to Penang.

150k Visitors

Thanks to the SEO, the site grown more than 1000% as compared to when the site does Google Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is very important to most of the local businesses. With the skills and knowledge in SEO, we have helped Penang Foodie to secure most of the top searches of the local, tourists and travellers to Penang.

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